Kirschner Wire

Kirschner Wire, Kirschner Wires,K wire, Surgical KIRSCHNER WIRE-PIN INSTRUMENT SET


With our Kirschner wires, which are the most important products used for fixation of post-fracture bones, we are with you everywhere with flexible and MR compatible products.

We produce Kirschner wires, kirschner wire trocars, kirschner wire points and in all sizes in mm.

We provide Kirschner wire production and shipment, we deliver your products on time. We are committed to our quality standards and offer the best products without compromise. (Kirschner Wire, Kirschner Wires,K wire, Surgical Kirschner wire-pin instrument set)

Kirschner wire sets are all manufactured under our Delicate Surgical brand as stainless steel wire with care in our factory as a domestic production. It is used in accordance with the standards of stainless steel 5832-1. (1.444.1,316L stainless steel is used)
K-wire pins are one of the most used disposable surgical instruments in the field of orthopedics and veterinarians.

**Kirschner wires or K-wires or pins are sterilized, sharpened, smooth stainless steel pins