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Our company provides surgical instruments and medical equipment for health sectors in all branches, and established in 2000 as Academy Medical Instrument Limited Company. The most important priority of our company is to be able to provide continuity in a human and life-entered perspective, respectful of our own values, awareness of social responsibility in all our business processes and relationships, it is our ilk to act with pragmatic ethics. Be ethical in our relationships with our employees and with all of our stakeholders.

Being fair and respectful as a good customer expects, and fulfilling our obligations on time we show the necessary spirit to bring. Our Organization we protect the data of the persons and organizations that we do business with and the business partners (information) within the confidentiality principle. In our quality products that we offer, we use our advanced technology to provide our customers with the best solution every time, it is our primary goal to provide customer satisfaction by following the course throughout.

In recent years, we have been producing Dermatome blades, Orthopedics and Plastic surgery wires, Disposable Urine Specimen Container, Sterilization Container Seal (with indicator), Instrument Protection (protector), Disposable Face Mask (Ear loop or Tie-on), Disposable KN95 FFP and FFP3 5 ply Mask, Kirschner wire, Cerclage wire and Steinmann pins with our "Delicate Surgical" brand in accordance with CE norms with the assurance of ISO 13485 Medical Device Management System and put them on the world market as sterile and non-sterile. In addition, we continue an intensive project work to produce and develop disposable sterile laparoscopy surgical instruments used in closed surgical operations with the laparoscopy method.In order to ensure that all our products can be supplied safely, it is possible for our company to contact the relevant units and to reach product-based supply requirements. Our capabilities can benefit from our highly qualified technical service services, which are proportional to their experience, without affecting your workflow performance.

Our technical service certified by TÜRK STANDARDS INSTITUTE (TSE) offers all after sales support with care.

Company representative,

Yüksel KIR



Quality & Production Standards

ISO AT EC n95 certificate TSE 

update 06,2021



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